36 West STreet

Webb's Hope

Webb’s Hope is Neighborhood Service Center’s new low-income rental property at 36 West Street in Easton. It was named after it’s generous donor, Gregory Webb.

The Neighborhood Service Center is fully occupied providing safe and affordable housing for residents who are on fixed incomes and in need of more permanent housing. According to Marilyn Neal, Executive Director of the Neighborhood Service Center, “The new rental property will enable us to put 23 of these people in affordable housing and get them away from ‘couch surfing’ and wondering where they will spend their next night.”

People on the waiting list for this property must have a fixed income of at least $750. Rental units will be income based and offered on a sliding scale starting at $320. The goal is to provide stable housing and enable residents to eventually move toward self-sufficiency and successful lives.

The Neighborhood Service Center is seeking civic and faith-based organizations and businesses to adopt a room, or part of a room, to help with renovations and furnishings, in preparation for the Spring 2018 opening of the facility. Click on the SUPPORT US tab for information on donating to Webb’s Hope. Prospective donors are encouraged to contact NSC to arrange a tour of the facility.